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We Help: Online Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Offline Marketing Ecommerce & Shopify Marketers

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It’s one of the biggest problems new marketers face today.

With so much noise everywhere who can you trust for information? Who can you ask for advice? How can you decide what product is worth buying, which strategy is worth your timme?

The sad fact is that right now there is NO ONE PLACE where you can get the perspective of several experts…

…or clear step by step case studies you can implement that have an immediate impact.

So my friends and I got together and decided to implement a long term project creating a dedicated forum for users to connect with us and other marketers in the community.

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We Help: Online Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Offline Marketing Ecommerce & Shopify Marketers

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Josh Ratta

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Here’s Proof We’re Serious

3 years ago I was broke in $80,000 in debt. Now a few years later I’m a millionaire. I don’t tell you this to brag – what changed my situation is I stopped focusing on my situation and started focusing on building strong relationships with successful people.

It led into a closed community of people who were doing some amazing things who were willing to show me how to run this businesss.

Over the past two years I’ve now created my own community.

It’s been responsible for helping and training some of the top marketers over today including names like Josh Ratta, Sam Robinson and John Al.

These marketers have combined to earn over $1,000,000+ leveraging my network, connections and the information they had available to them.

My network has always been limited to the time I could dedicate tocommunicating over skype, through webinars and Facebook conversations.

Well over the last year there’s been a BIG shift in the community. Marketersare demanding far more upfront and honest information from marketers as a whole.

As a result there has been a bigger demand for Facebook groups and Skype groups to accompany products.

Till now there hasn’t been one place where everryone could connect, communicate share ideas and experiences.

So I decided to open up my networks and for the first time everyone can get the same information that’s always been shared in private and contacts as I and my high paid clients have utilized to generate over $3,000,000 over the past year.

Our quality content and commitment to this community is why you wont findmore active and knowledgeable marketers on another forum.If you want a change - forget checking your email and simply reacting to what you see going on in the community. Become a part of a community that shares information freely with a genuine desire to see you succeed. Join Bakkers Board today!

We Help: Online Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Offline Marketing Ecommerce & Shopify Marketers

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We Help: Online Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Offline Marketing Ecommerce & Shopify Marketers