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Who Are You?
What interests you about Bakkers Board?
I recently joined, due to purchasing software. I found the software to be simple and effective, though some of the training to be limited in its scope. I felt it best to join a community of others also using the software and strategies, in order to best learn all of its uses and applications.
What do you want to get out of the Board?
While many dream to earn huge sums of money, my strategy is to start small, and become efficient and expert within my strategies or niche, and then scale growth. If I can learn to make a small amount, on a regular basis, I will then understand how to best scale it.
What is the main focus in your business right now?
I could be called a rookie. I have studied many aspects of online marketing, and find ALL of it to be a fascinating endeavor. Most interest is in Social Media (not just Facebook) and Email marketing.

My business consists primarily in consulting and building an agency, an acquiring clients, who may purchase my web based software/products/systems and also subscribe to them on a monthly basis for ongoing residual income.

I do have interest in selling physical products, passion products to targeted niches, as well as selling via Amazon FBA