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Who Are You?
Hello Everyone! I am a retired business owner who tired of retirement and at the young age of 69 am starting an online business. All help and suggestion will be Greatly Appreciated.
What interests you about Bakkers Board?
I am just getting Started with IM. I have a boatload of products I have bought while suffering from Chronic Shiny Object Syndrome (CSOS)! I bought Bolt Publisher from Sam and want to connect with other Bolt owners to get ideas on the most Pofitable Uses of this Software. I am a retired Businessman that Owned a Direct Mail Coupon Magazine for 10 Years...In the U.S. most people get some sort of coupon book or Magazine with local businesses ads with coupons for their Oil Change or Restaurant. I sold the ads to the businesses and Mailed the 16 page Magazine out to 30,000 homes per mailing zone and We mailed eight zones. Local IM is very similar to my pre-internet business and it would be comfortable for me to start a Local marketing consulting type of business although I am Wide open to the business model that is the most Profitable. I KNOW....A little long winded! Bruce Pott
What do you want to get out of the Board?
I am looking for IM ideas for my first business online. Mostly, how to use Bolt Publisher with a couple upgrades to build this business.
What is the main focus in your business right now?


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