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Software Creation- Software and Tool List


I thought i would create this little list as a resource for people that want to create product on a small budget or by themselves. These software are perfect for people new and advanced to software creation. If you know of anymore post below. Hopefully we can build a list to assist people in software creation.

EXE Output

- Convert your PHP script in to windows software. (In the next three to four months there should be a large update that will make this software more powerful.


- create SAAS fill in the blank UI Software (ie. Site builders)

EZ Software Maker

- Turn HTML pages in to windows software.

Icurator Pro

- Create Informational products quickly and easily.

Software Product Magic

- Create fill in the blank UI windows software.

Antechinus JavaScript Editor Pro

- Create wordpress plugins and software easily with this JavaScript editor. (Will need some coding experience)


Note: As i find more software and apps i will post them here.

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Software Creation- Software and Tool List
05-02-2016, 03:24 AM
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I've been user of ubot studio, which is good to build small software for automation by yourself.

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Software Creation- Software and Tool List
29-03-2016, 06:28 PM
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Hi Guys

I was considering purchasing  Andy Brocklehurst's much touted  iCurator Pro Version 3.0 for product creation and I was wondering if anyone had had any "first hand" experience with with this or any other suggested products. 

I also saw that some time ago there were 3rd Party Templates for the above products but these appeared to have vanished from the radar. 

Thanks in advance for your response.

Len Forsyth

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