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ConnectExplore is a Facebook Ads Account interest-based targeting tool that includes easy filtering, works in any language, and only shows usable results. With a single click, hyper-target your audience using automated layering. Also see which interests works for you by breaking down your Facebook Ads statistics on an interest-per-interest basis.

Created by Wilco de Kreij

Link to Bonuspage: http://bakkersbonus.com/connectexplorebonus
Launch Price: $97

Launch Time: 10:00 am 4 January 2017 ~ 12:00 am 9 January 2017

Post your questions and reviews below. Did you purchase this product? Help other BakkersBoard members decide whether it's right for them.
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20-03-2017, 03:39 PM
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I really like this, it allows you to narrow down the searches of your Facebook groups to seriously target your audience. That being said there are similar or cheaper products that will let you extract recently active FB users from FB user groups you search which you can then import these into your FB Adds manager and target those individuals absolutely. 

But there is a need for both in advertising as what you will get with one you won't get with the other.

Connect explore can take a bit of time to do searches (as do the other programs) as the FB database is, shall be say...huge, but the outcomes are worth the wait, its like start the search and go and have a coffee, or lunch, or maybe a nana nap.

I do like the demo Sam created but checkout the one from Wilco here

But the power of Connect Explore really must be added to the other three applications in the Connect.io suite which seriously give you absolute targeting, retargeting, one click signups and more. Download my free book at http://stuffthatworks.news/download7.html and read the chapter on Social Media where i outline about how these work. 

All that being said I give it 4 out of 5 stars, but put it in context of the suite and the suite I would rate 4.85 out of 5

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